Vendor’s Corner, a Word from Bolton Works

Looks like the cold weather is on the way. We are getting close to when we will be in between planting seasons. There is still a wide variety of plants that can go in now.

Remember I only offer those that I believe will handle the season we are in.

Here is my list for this week:

Arugula 3”
Bachelor Buttons 6 pkts
Broccoli Arcadia 3”
Calendula Flashback 6 pkts
Chinese Cabbage 3”
Chives Purley 3”
Cilantro Santos 3”
Dill 3”
Fennel 3”
Kohlrabi Green & Red 6 pkts
Lettuce All Star Gourmet Mix 6 pkts
Mint Chocolate 3”
Mint Peppermint 3”
Onions Bunching Red & White 3”
Oregano Greek 3”
Parsley Curley leaf 3”
Parsley Giant Italian 3”
Sage Extratka 3”
Swiss Chard 6 pkts

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